Leaf-level Insights Enabling Plant-Level Management

Vision intelligence technology in agriculture unlocks increased production at lower resource costs

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Technology Benefits

Optimised Treatments

Today’s crops are protected through costly broadcast treatments delivered on routine schedules that don’t address variability in conditions throughout the field.

Vision intelligence technology unlocks localised treatments based on actual crop conditions detected at the leaf-level. This results in significant savings in chemical and labour costs throughout the entire growth cycle.

Leaf-Level Awareness

Today’s approach to determining the presence of pests, diseases and weeds is labour intensive, costly and time-consuming.

Enter Resson. By automating the process of diagnosing crop conditions at the leaf-level, our technology equips labour and farm machinery with real-time insights to manage their field at the plant-level for optimal production.

Large Scale Insights

Farms are getting bigger and so is the gap in skilled labour to manage them.

Over time, data gathered from leaf-level analysis will drive production improvements while decreasing resource costs.