About Us

We modernise crop management practices by integrating vision intelligence into farm equipment, empowering field managers with real-time insights at the leaf-level.

Our Mission

"Resson develops technologies to solve real world farming problems using AI and machine vision to improve effectiveness and sustainability of farming practices."

- Mike Morris, Resson CEO

Meet the Team

Self-portrait of Michael Morris the Chief Executive Officer  at Resson.

Michael Morris

Chief Executive Officer

Self-portrait of Ben Flood the Vice President at Resson.

Ben Flood

Vice President

Self-portrait of William Ross the Head of Data Science at Resson.

William Ross

Head of Data Science

Self-portrait of Phil Nguyen the Data Scientist at Resson.

Phil Nguyen

Data Scientist

Self-portrait of Faris Mahboob the Lead Embedded Systems Developer at Resson.

Faris Mahboob

Lead Embedded Systems Developer

Self-portrait of Travis Prosser the Lead Embedded Software Developer at Resson.

Travis Prosser

Lead Embedded Software Developer