The predictive analytics solution from Resson goes beyond NDVI maps derived from satellite and drone imagery to virtually scout every part of the field to detect, classify and geo-locate specific anomalies, pests and diseases. The key differentiation that Resson’s technology brings is the unparalleled level of granularity to monitor and isolate specific issues based on the crop and the region all the way down to individual plants.


Resson is leading the technology evolution currently underway from precision agriculture to decision agriculture by equipping growers with productivity enhancement tools to make data driven farming a reality. Resson’s revolutionary solution integrates data from satellite, drones, close-proximity cameras and in-field sensors to provide a comprehensive picture of exactly what is happening in every part of the farm. By combining data from multiple sources along with recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and power of cloud computing, Resson’s technology provides an ability to continuously monitor, analyze and predict crop health and threats before they can be detected by human eyes.


RAMAS® (Resson Agricultural Management and Analytics System) is an integrated crop assessment system which can identify, classify and localize anomalies with respect to crop production.  RAMAS uses the powerful concept of cause and effect to correlate data patterns and use adaptive intelligence to analyze information. It provides a web-based dashboard and easy-to-use tools to help simplify agronomy decisions.


Cloud based, scalable and adaptive system architecture allows future technologies and algorithms to be seamlessly integrated into RAMAS

Multi source data integration and correlation from satellite, drones, equipment mounted cameras and in-field sensors can be fused on the RAMAS to give an integrated picture of the agri-operation

Machine learning algorithms allow the system to automatically learn through observing data patterns, making RAMAS more intelligent with every processed dataset

Large scale data extraction and metric reporting enable potential for near real time predictive modelling that provides up-to-date insight on all operations and a centralized command and control capability