Data driven farming or decision agriculture is the thoughtful use of right farm data, at the right time, to make better decisions that improve long-term profitability. With proliferation of novel, hi-tech data gathering techniques — satellite, drones, cameras, sensors or GPS tracking — provide the tools for unlocking the next wave of productivity gains. An ability to capture digital information at the farm gate is growing rapidly but the key is turning that flood of information into simple, decision-supporting tools.


Resson aims to help growers gain a better understanding of their farms, save time and money, and produce greater yields from every part of their farm. Resson’s solution leverages the cloud, big-data analytics, integration with farm equipment, field sensors, satellite imagery, and drone imagery to provide growers with better tools to manage their crops and drive decisions down to individual plants.

Virtual Scouting for Labor Savings

Resson’s platform provides an aerial view using satellite and drone imagery with greater precision, coverage and frequency. Rather than make lengthy drives of the entire property to find problem areas, growers can see in a short time the areas that might need attention thereby reducing or eliminating manual field scouts.

Pest and Disease Detection for Spray Optimization

Resson’s anomaly detection modules can isolate, classify and geo-locate specific anomalies such as weeds, pests and diseases. This enables growers to target the spray applications only when it is needed, where it is needed and how much is needed thereby minimizing costs and environmental impacts.

Nutrient Monitoring to Optimize Fertilizer Application

Resson’s nutrient monitoring module can analyze the Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K) levels in the soil. By identifying nutrient deficiencies, establishing management zones and tailoring fertilizer applications using VRT could help save on input costs as well as boost crop yields.


Moisture Assessment for Irrigation Effectiveness

Resson’s moisture management module can detect water stress, irrigation system issues, drainage problems etc. to pinpoint areas of over and under irrigation and help manage water efficiently. Taking care of irrigation system issues and drainage problems in a timely manner directly translates into savings for the growers.

Plant Tracking for Yield Maximization

Resson’s canopy module, tracks plant growth throughout the season for better prediction of the crop output. The early visibility into plant count, canopy cover and field potential helps estimate yield potential from every part of the farm map underperforming areas.

Early Warning System for Threat Alerts

Resson’s predictive analytics module can forecast anomaly propagation into neighboring areas and get notified for early warning signs. The analysis makes it easy to see infestation levels, trends, action thresholds and even help decide on more preventative measures.